Knowledge Management

Legal Information Design

We provide practical and grounded support to legal teams on knowledge and innovation projects.


Safe hands

For over 15 years, we have worked with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious law and accountancy firms. We support legal technical compliance through knowledge management, including regulatory-driven change, reporting and governance.

Manage legal requirements effectively

It can be tough to pull together all of the different aspects of law, technology and process to create a complete legal knowledge solution for your business. We can assure you with our proven track record in supporting some of the largest global legal services providers.

Collaboration and Knowledge Platforms

Content, configuration, planning and design for data rooms, client apps and legal knowledge platforms.

Contract and Negotiation Services

Contract Lifecycle Management systems, automation, contract analytics, playbooks and process mapping.

Community and Justice LawTech

We help third sector and government bodies to create innovation using law and technology.

Supply Chains and ESG

Automated data solutions for supply chains and environmental, social and governance compliance.

Law and Technology Research

Guidance, training and process implications of new legal technologies and regulatory requirements.

Innovation Strategies

Change, innovation and strategy services to support legal teams with legal technology and transformation.

AI and Machine Learning

Planning resource, risk assessment and design of AI and machine learning processes for legal compliance.

Legal and LawTech Training

Bespoke training on emerging legal requirements, LawTech and new processes to support use and familiarity.

Legal knowledge management is critical to business success

In a fast-changing business environment, resilience depends upon effective management of legal and compliance information. Efficiency, agility and innovation are key components in a successful operational model. We support law firms and businesses to unlock the value of legal knowledge.